We are what we eat, we are what we think, the way we think, feel and act

‘Yesterday i was clever. So i wanted to change the world.
Today i am wise. So i wanted to change myself’. (Rumi)
It is psychological process that combine both intrinsic motivation and personal development.
In doing the task the individual’s mind and conscious awareness become narrowly focused that distracting or irrelevant thoughts or perceptions are eliminated. He or she is wholly concentrating on the task and is fully involved and participating in it. As for instance a rock climber, fully occupied with the rock face and with considerations of how to conduct the next stage of the climb. Danger may aid in concentrating the mind but once sustained attention has begun danger may no longer be influential or even noticed.
????The task that produces flow is one that is matched to a person’s ability to perform it. It must be neither undemandibg in which case bordedom may result, not too demanding in ehch care worry or stress may result .
Ô×íSense of control over the immediate environment.

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