Health and Happiness for All as a lifesaving strategy for diverse communities

We offer a wide range of help and support in the following.

Crisis Service-
This includes severe anxiety and suicidal behavior.

Effects of bereavement-
The death of somebody close to you can be very difficult and emotionally devastating. We can support you in a helpful and respectful manner throughout this hard time.

Everyone has the right to express their views and concerns and we support people to do so. We can support you to interviews and other meetings. An advocate will support you in any way you want.

Children and young people-
Childhood and teenage years are the most sensitive points in a person’s life. Young people can face a range of mental health problems and need support throughout this difficult time.

Learning disability support-
We can help people with learning disabilities to help achieve the best for them and give them the best quality of life.

Abuse Support-
We help you and give support if you have been abused. It is very important you have someone to talk to and get the right support.

Addiction support-
Support to overcome an addiction can be very helpful.

Peer support-
Getting support from someone who shares the same experiences can be very beneficial. It increases self-confidence and emotional well-being.